Lime has stripped out the enormous costs of insurance. We have done this by improving both the product and the service. Today we are streamlined, client centric, simple to use and hassle-free to maintain.
— Shaun Williams - Group CEO


Refreshing Insurance

Lime is a pioneer in InsurTech.  Freed from legacy systems and legacy attitudes, its senior management brings together a unique team whose understanding ranges from Aviva to KPMG, insurers to broking and from technology to gamification. They share a common understanding of the structural challenges that have held back innovation in financial services for so long. 

Driven by refreshingly clear industry insight, Lime has developed from the ground up a raft of products and services and a whole new way for customers to interact. Backed by a scaleable, cloud-based, development ecosystem, Lime cuts costs whilst putting the customer at the heart of the business. 


Personalising Products and Prices

Lime delivers digitally enabled, and entirely personalised, insurance products. 

Stripped down and streamlined, each and every service is accessible, cost-competitive and highly relevant to consumers’ needs. This is because you hand pick just the elements you want.  We engage people who were previously under-insured, or not insured, delivering both security and peace of mind.


Ultimate Flexibility for Every Customer

We don’t believe in complicated. And we have proven it. From purchasing to managing, our focus is on the simplicity and flexibility the modern consumer has come to expect.

At Lime, insurance is a journey. Online application and approval, digital documents with secure storage. And then real-time, any-time, account management. Enabling our customers to manage cost and adapt cover to fit life’s ever changing circumstances.


Launching January 2019


Lime’s first products come to market in January 2019. One of our first launches is through a unique partnership marketing programme with the leading teachers’ resources site, and online at, with the first customers spanning the education sector where value and accessibility is often at a premium. Other partnerships already agreed include leading employee benefits and affinity marketing consultancies. Every customer will enjoy access to life and health insurance services, at a low cost, online and through an organisation they trust.



Our vision

To continually refresh insurance making it relevant and accessible to all.


Our ambition

To lead the industry building trust, relevance and value for every customer.

Our mission

To empower consumers to pick and manage the products that are right for them.